Pixel 9 - August Launch this year - three model lineup


Jan 14, 2013
Well after a long streak of launching in October, the new Pixel will launch in August, probably to be closer to the iPhone launch, which is smart. Starting with the 9 series the Pixel will have three phones at launch, PLUS a new FOld. The Pixel 9, a smaller phone with less features/cameras. And then a Pixel 9 pro and pro XL. Now the high end features and cameras will all be in a smaller sized phone as well as the larger model. Until now if you wanted a smaller phone, you'd have to miss out on the pro features, especially the upgraded cameras. Ultrasonic FP sensor. There should be a Pixel 9a as well down the road.

I was tempted to wait for the 10 as that chip will be TSMC, not Samsung. But after thinking about it and reading, it will still be a first gen product. I'm not so worried about TSMC, but more about Google having issues with new 1st gen hardware. So I'll get the 9 Pro, not the XL, as I do want a smaller phone with the top cameras. I'll see how the 10 fares after people have had them out in the wild for a bit. Some details here



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Mar 6, 2000
Exactly what I've been waiting for- smaller size with all the cameras. Usually at launch, there are some really good deals with crazy trade-in values, etc.