Question Pixel 5 keeps losing wifi and cell connectivity


Nov 14, 2006
I am trying to help my friend overcome his Pixel 5 woes. He has tried every suggestion he has found online, but his phone just will not keep a wifi connection, and it often loses the cell connection to his carrier. Every time he puts it down, if he picks it up an hour later, he has to reset wifi to get it to connect, or go into and out of airplane mode. We've tried Forget Network, rebooting, resetting his phone to factory. We've also rebooted his wifi router and re-setup his home network. He has many devices in his house, mostly Android. 2 of his kids have iPhones. No other device has wifi issues, nor do they have cell issues. The other phones just find and keep the signal. No one else in the house even has to think about it, their phones auto-connect every time.

If you google "Pixel 5 keeps dropping wifi", you are presented with 10 million hits. I am fully aware you can probably find as many hits for any other model, but I am surprised by the sheer number of users reporting exactly the same issue. There seems to be a defect with the Pixel line, exacerbated by the 4 and 5. There are many reports of the 6 also having wifi difficulties, although those seem to be centered around the Feb 2022 security update to Android 11.

He also periodically loses his cell connection to his carrier so that his phone simply doesn't ring. Calls go to voicemail, and he has to manually check throughout the day, else miss calls. He has been with support many times, but is still having issues. They won't let him return the phone because he is past his 60-day limit. At this point, he wishes he hadn't picked a Pixel, but I am convinced there must be a technical solution to these problems. Has anyone else found a solid solution for Pixel 5 connectivity issues?


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Mar 1, 2000
I think the only real option to try is factory resetting and test the connection. If he's still experiencing the issue id RMA it.

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Jan 27, 2022
There's a patch that's releasing soon to resolve the issue. Tons of pages about this since the regression last month.