Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz? Very Odd!


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Oct 13, 1999
I was watching TV the other night and the TCM channel was broadcasting the movie The Wizard of Oz along with the sound track of Dark Side of the Moon on the second audio channel.
Which I thought was a pretty cool thing to do.

It was very strange how many of the lyrics from the album matched what was on the screen. Here's an article about it, and a link to many of the similarities:

What do Pink Floyd, the legendary acid rock group, have in common with the classic 1939 MGM musical The Wizard of Oz? It's a simple matter of perspective. Beside the fact that both the film and the band's classic 1973 album The Dark Side of the Moon incorporate the same colorful rainbow motif and other strange imagery, there are numerous other peculiar coincidences which have laid the foundation for a legendary phenomenon. Some time ago (the exact origins of the urban legend are a mystery), radio stations, college campuses, Floyd fans, and the merely curious experimented with synching the album to the 1939 classic. The result? An incredible number of coincidences - more than 80, and the creation of a truly strange and unique experience. The legend holds that there are so many uncanny coincidences between the film and music that it must have been done intentionally, a notion the band has repeatedly denied. The synchronicity theory between the two classics has now become so well-known that some colleges include it in their music curriculum. The synchronicity between the album and film is based upon repeated plays of Pink Floyd's album by playing the first track of the album on the third MGM Lion roar in the opening sequence of the film.

Here's the link:


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Oct 9, 1999
It's true, man. I heard about this about 6 years ago. I tried it for myself about 2 years ago. It is truly amazing. The CD was travling around for weeks, and noone could get ahold of a copy of Wizard of Oz around that time. Word of mouth is a powerful thing.



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Apr 24, 2000
I also heard about it on the website of Dean Haglund(one of the lone gunmen from the x.files)

Gotta get that video tomorrow.. cd is here....