Picking out the correct RAM


Junior Member
Sep 28, 2006
Hi, I am buliding a new computer, an decided on the eVGA 680i, and the Intel E6400. My question is which RAM will be the best for my computer.

The Corsair XMS2 Dominator is available for $275 after rebate on Newegg. It is DDR2 800 and the timing is 4-4-4-12 @ 2.1V.

I am also considering the Super Talent 2GB DDR2 800 which has 4-4-3-8 timings at 2.2V. It has gotten great reviews around. $260 after rebate

Finally is the regular XMS2 available for $248 also at 4-4-4-12 timings.

I plan to over clock the CPU and the RAM as well but not to the extreme since I want this system to last for a while. Which is the best RAM for me, and if my performance will increase by spending a few extra dollars I will not mind, I just don't want to spend the extra money if it won't be that good of an improvement.

P.S.- Is 4-4-3-8 better than 4-4-4-12?