PI Test (Predictive Index)


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Oct 9, 1999
Predictive Index is a deceptively simple, yet very accurate personality profile (personality test) which helps match the right person with the right job. Although an obvious application is in the hiring and selection process, there are a number of other uses which include: team building, recruiting, reducing costly turnover, identifying and solving "people" problems, finding the right person to promote, and improving employee job satisfaction and morale.

Most CEO's say their number one problem is employee turnover. The key to retaining employees is to first understand what motivates them. Predictive Index identifies candidate's strengths and motivational needs and compares them to job related aptitudes. Predictive Index identifies a clear picture of applicants and employees strengths compared to the requirements of the job. Because this becomes an in-house tool for organizations, managers are trained to interpret, analyze and apply the results. Through this training, the Predictive Index System is used independently by business managers to make more informed people decisions.