Petrol/Diesel with additives


Sep 20, 2003
So i'm in India for the summer, and every gas station has their own brand of petrol with additives. i.e. "super power," "friction buster," "Xtra mile," "turbojet"

My question is, do these additives actually do anything. They are sold as premium fuel here. Regular octane is 89, and these are usually 93 octane, in addition to the additives.

My car takes diesel, and when i've tested the regular diesel vs. the "turbojet" diesel, it certainly seems like i'm getting more power with regular.

Also, i was on a road trip once, far from any major city. We pulled into a pump and my dad asked if the had the "turbojet" fuel. they said no, but that they had the same additives, and showed us a little packet of powder that said "turbojet" on it. weird.

So my question is: do these additives help, hurt, or do nothing?
Mar 10, 2005
octane boosters are unnecessary, as you're driving a street car. detergents are unnecessary, as any Big Oil gas station sells a good recipe in every gallon. the only thing those additives will do is make your wallet lighter.