People with the Creative Webcam Go Plus, please read.


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Nov 13, 2000
I just got mine today, and well, I installed it one on my pc's and every time I went to cam memory, it went "Windows protection error system halted". And it also f**ked up my internet. What's wrong? This pc is running windows ME, I tried it on a win98se pc and it worked great, except for when I go to WebCam Go control and set the resolution up to 640x480 and click the little Live icon so I can see my self, well the image flickers for about 5 seconds then the program locks up and I got end task a few seconds later the pc reboots it self.

Anyone have these problems?


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Dec 20, 2000
Damn ME, heard lostsa bad things about it ?
You probably aleady tried but here some ideas:

1. Re-Instal WebCam Drivers
2. Get new Drivers
3. Re-Instal WinME (Not formatt).

Good Luck !