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Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Trial Set

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Jan 12, 2005
You are now pretending that voter registration does not disenfranchise anyone? Or are you saying you do not care about those disenfranchised by voter registration?

You appear to be fine with voter disenfranchisement, how do you justify it?
See post 242.


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Jul 23, 2003
I read through the full ruling this weekend and found it not quite so one-sided as it's been presented. *snip* QUOTE]

Good to know. Thanks for the effort.

The first paragrah of the judge's ruling is all I need to know. He readily recognizes that some voters will be disinfranchised. How many will be disinfranchised? Even one disinfranchised voter is too many considering there is no need for these laws in the first place and that these laws were obviously written in ways to make it difficult/more difficult for more Dem leaning voters than Repub leaning ones.

I submit that the Penn. "Voter Fraud" laws were written with the least amount of "give" toward Dem leaning voters while still being able to pass into law when considering the real political demographics found in that state.
I agree. A less bad law is still a bad law.