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Dec 11, 2021

Two dell servers; Windows Server 2016 Standard DC and Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard member server.
We have a peculiar networking issue. We started getting network connection issues. This happens for a few seconds and at no particular interval but let’s say once every one to two hours.

Here is what we noticed;

On member server the RWW connection will break for a few seconds and then restored.

However we also get MS Access database crashes which complains that network connection was lost and to restart db to continue. The MS Access database was running from a shared folder on the DC. We moved the db to a shared folder on the member server but MS Access database still crashed.

We moved both DC and member servers to a different switch. No luck. We reinstalled Windows Server 2016 standard on DC and moved back MS Access database to a shared folder on DC but still no luck and MS Access database still crashes.

Could all this be due to DC hardware networking issues such as faulty network card or network cabling connecting DC to switch? At this point I am considering changing both DC’s network card and cable.

Is there something someone can suggest to home in on this issue?




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Jul 6, 2007
Sounds like network card issue. But happens both on DC and member servers? That's weird. Did you check event viewer on both machines?

How may users were using MS Access at the same time? Was the database used heavily? Is it possible some client machine's NIC is faulty and caused database crash?

And RWW too? Even different switches? Faulty power (adapters)?

OP claimed his network was fixed after he replaced the ethernet cable.

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