PCI Parallel Port HELP


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Dec 17, 2004
Hey I work at a pawn shop and all our pawn printers have to be high speed dot matrix. So they all use parallel ports. They had it set up with PCI Parallel ports, but dont remember how. Their computers have crashed and they got a new one, and the PCI Parallel ports installed fine. In Device Manager they show up and are listed as LPT3 LPT2 printer ports. But when you go to the printer properties, those ports aren;t options, and I can not figure out how to make them use the PCI parallel ports. Any ideas????


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May 1, 2001
With all equipment powered off, hook printer to one of the ports in question. Power up printer (make sure it is set to On Line, then power up computer. Windows should detect the printer on the port and install the printer driver enabled for that port. Also check the printer manual for instructions as to printer driver installation in case it is substantially different from the above.
. If you don't have the printer driver diskette or CD, you may need to DL the printer driver file(s) from the mfr's web site and create your own driver disk.
. As I recall, a lot of pawn shop management software was written for DOS. DOS programs have internal printer drivers that have to be set to your actual port specs (LPTx: , IRQ y etc.)