Info [pc world] new cooling structure for water blocks


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Jan 7, 2007
a bit to unpack here
so ECAM is electrochemical additive manufacturing. a bit like electroplating by building up structures from copper atoms in solution in a 3d printer sort of layering. supposedly cheaper than skiving/scarfing.

the process is used to build the gyroid or diamond versions of a triply periodic minimal surface.

dr ian was a little lax in not nailing down how fabric8labs is using the gyroid flow. just running the water parallel to the plate seems like a waste. you would think that they would want to use the 3d volume aspect of TPMS to pump it perpendicularly down and through the gyroid structure.

this is a helicopter oil heat interchange design from advanced engineering solutions. the design is smaller and 4x more efficient than the part it is meant to replace.
the whole point of the schoens gyroid in this use case is 2 separate sides with the maximum surface area between. in a cpu waterblock unless you are separating the water flow to the waterblock into two flows and changing the speed for one side it seems like you arent extracting the maximum value out of the TPMS.

for now i would keep your skeptic hats on, until more details come out.
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Nov 16, 2006
Seems like the potential application of this tech goes far beyond making nice pumps for our gaming PCs


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Sep 28, 2005
You increase the surface area of the plate by doing this.
Which would increase the the performance of heat exchange from liquid contact.
However i would be very nervous about factures and breakages of those bridges, as it can go down the loop and lodge in your radiator or even worse, grind your pump impeller causing major damage.

Also having a matrix like that would cause massive amount of back pressure, so you would lose flow without a pump giving you decient head pressure, but then your back to my concern if you use a pump with good head pressure, you increase your risk on breakage of bridges from the water pressure hitting those matrix.

I think the military was working on Graphene + Gallium system, as graphene is hydrophobic, so water is no good, for high ambient temp locations to cool servers without the usage of Heat pumps to cool the room.

But i don't know how far that went, as i think its probably cheaper and also better since heat pumps also control humidity which servers do not like very much, and its better in the long run to run heat pumps. (Air Conditioners)