Question PC suddenly powers down 1-5 mins after boot, even in BIOS


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Apr 23, 2001
Very, very old member coming back for some community advice to see if anyone has any words of wisdom..

I built a system about a year ago (Ryzen 5 3600, Asus TUF X570 PLUS board, 32 GB of g.Skill RAM, Asus 1650 SUPER, 1 GB M.2, EVGA 750GS power supply with the right extra pins for the 570 power requirements) that has been working great up until about two weeks ago. I was working fine and then it powered itself off. I turned it back on and it came up for ~5 mins, then powered down again. This keeps happening, even powering down when sitting in the BIOS screen, so I know it's not Windows.

Since then I have...
  1. Replaced the video card with one I know is good (which, oddly enough, brought the PC back to life for about 4 days)
  2. Replaced the PSU with a brand new one
  3. Verified that all of the PSU outputs looked normal in the BIOS - All perfect.
  4. Checked all of the connections to make sure nothing was loose
  5. Booted one one stick of RAM, and then the other.
  6. Used a different power cable, connected to a different outlet
  7. Powered it up with nothing connected but a single monitor. (Not even keyboard or mouse)
  8. Verified the temps and fan speeds in BIOS - CPU is at ~50 degrees when it powered off. All fans were running fine.
With each of these steps the computer behaves exactly the same - Runs for a few mins, then clicks off, even if you are only in the BIOS.

After the computer turns itself off there are some things left on - i.e. the RGB on the RAM stays lit. Power button does nothing. I have to flip the power switch on the PSU off and back on, then power it back on with the case power switch to start it back up.

I really don't want to update the BIOS - If it powers down in the middle of the process I'm dead meat, but I'm not sure how long that takes with an X570. The BIOS is still what it shipped with and there are many updates.

Thoughts on next steps? Thanks for your help from a (very!) old Anandtech member.


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May 4, 2000
Tough to say, but since you've ruled out the motherboard, RAM, and GPU, I'd say the next logical component would be the motherboard.

An outside chance would be the CPU, but motherboard failures are a lot more common. If you have someone who could let you try out another CPU (longshot I know, but some users here have done that before). Otherwise, you could take your motherboard and CPU to a PC repair shop, and let them figure out which one is the issue.

I also wouldn't try flashing the BIOS in it's current state as a sudden power off can corrupt the BIOS. And since your PC worked for close to a year with the original BIOS, a newer BIOS version isn't really going to fix anything anyways (especially sudden restarts even while sitting in the BIOS).


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Nov 9, 2005
Did you check your chipset temp? Maybe it's overheating and it's shutting off for safety.


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Mar 29, 2001
An outdated BIOS shouldn't be the cause of this behavior. Plus, it worked just fine on that BIOS for the past year prior. Isn't worth the risk of trying to update it when it isn't going to be the cause.

Because you've replaced the PSU already, I agree with @UsandThem that you likely have a failing motherboard.

And, given that most x570 motherboards have a chipset fan, @DooKey makes a good point as well. When you say you checked the temps, did you also check the chipset temps and to make sure the chipset fan is actually blowing and that it is not filled with dust (the things are dust magnets)? If you have the ASUS utility suite installed it should have a utility that you can use to check the system temps including the chipset temps. If not, see if you can keep it running long enough to install HWINFO.

Until you determine if you have an overheating issue, you might try to take the side off the case and set a fan temporarily blowing into the case to see if it runs longer and also to try to maximize the uptime enough to check the temps.