PC problem. . .


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Feb 14, 2002
Ok I've tried everything in my knowledge to fix this but it's just not working. . . So here is the situation:

I'm running Windows 98 SE, and at any random time my pc reboots (not this pc a diff one.)
Now, one thing I know I can do to make it reboot like that is to open QuakeIII , or try to copy a large file over the network to it. Besides those two it will just reboot at any random time. This just started happening out of no where. . . All I use that PC for is QuakeIII, I didn't change any kinds of settings or install new hardware.

I've tried formatting, while win98 was installing it suddenly rebooted also. Then when it continued and it installed fine. .
I doubt it's overheating because the CPU and System tempature stay around 24C (75F) and from what I've been told by friend's it's a normal tempature + all my fans are working fine (two on CPU w/ heatsink). I've also reset my configuration data and reset to BIOS defaults before and after I took every card out of my system but my video card (Geforce3), and even then , I tried a backup card (Geforce2) and it still crashed. I've taken ram out switched it with other system's ram...nothing works. My hardware monitor says this about the voltage (I dont know if it helps)
VCore Value = 1.79
2.5V Value = .28
3.3V Value = 3.32
5 V Value = 4.91
12 V Value = 12.37
I think it's 250W but I'm not sure. . .

My system specs are
AMD Athlon 800mhz (Slot-A)
512MB PC-133 SDRAM
GeForce3 Ti200 64MB
Apollo KX133 VIA Chipset
SoundBlaster Live! 5.1 X-Gamer
15GB Western Digital HardDrive


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Oct 9, 1999
You could have marginal power supply or your motherboard may be flakey. Some motherboards are sensitive to which slots you use for your RAM.

If you have access to another system with the same motherboard, you could try plugging your hard drive into it. If the problem follows, you could have some problem with the drive or the IDE controller on your motherboard, or your software may be corrupted.

If you have a spare drive, you might also try ghosting your drive and installing it on any other similar motherboard. Once you install any required drivers (automated), you can test whether the same thing happens. Again, it could be your drive or your software.

Have you done a disk cleanup, lately? Have you run RegClean? If you don't have it, it's a free registry cleanup program. You can get it from shareware.com. It's even from Micro$oft, and it works.

Hope this helps. Good luck. :)


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Jun 6, 2000
Are you sure you're reading the right temperature for CPU? 24 C is awfully low. Try booting the machine w/ one stick of RAM or another stick. Is this a newly built machine, or is the rebooting issue something new?