patriotism in america


Jan 6, 2002
The greatest thing about America is the freedom that its citizens have. A freedom guaranteed by our constition. Patriotism, to me, is practiced through excersizing these rights. As a patriot, I believe that one of the most patriotic things I can do is disagree with our leadership. Free speech is the foundation of our rights, and the foundation of what makes america great.

When I hear the word 'patriot', it often comes with words like 'solidarity' and statements like 'support our leaders'. Well, I say support the very thing that makes our country great. Excersize your freedoms. Vote. Go to a protest. Voice your opinions. Don't just accept what the government tells you.

Patriotism is not about waving flags, or singing the national anthem, or supporting our leaders. It is about the greatness of our country. It is about excersizing our freedoms.