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Question Patriot Viper Steel 64GB physically doesn't fit ASUS TUF Gaming X570 motherboard


Jan 4, 2021
I recently decided to upgrade my ASUS TUF Gaming Plus X570 with more RAM. I bought the Patriot Viper Steel 64GB (2x32) DDR4. When I tried to boot the computer, it wasn't starting up and the DRAM error light was on. After some investigation I found that the heatsink on the RAM is slanted and slightly covers the side notches. So the heatsink basically block the RAM from being completely inserted. I already posted this on reddit and decided to return the RAM, but I'm wondering if anyone has actually have this happened to them before.

You can check out the pics I uploaded. I draw a red box in where the motherboard's RAM slot runs up against the slanted heatsink that failed to clear the side notch. And another pic of me trying to fit it into my PC. The ASUS motherboard's RAM slot only have retention clips on one side. The other side is a straight slot that would fit only the RAM PCB, not with a heatsink in the way. I think both the motherboard and the RAM's manufacturing tolerance are off by 1mm to 2mm.