Passive Heatsink for nForce3 Ultra?


Senior member
Oct 9, 2004
The fan on my K8N Neo2's chipset heatsink has been making some wierd noises. When I power on my machine, I hear this rather loud buzzing noise that eventually goes away a couple of minutes after Windows loads. I was thinking of either buying an nForce4 board with a passive chipset heatsink (i.e. the Asus A8N-E), that is if the boards are actually available before Xmas, or possibly buying a 3rd party passive heatsink for my K8N Neo2. BTW, my CPU is overclocked. Thus, do you guys think it's even possible to use a passive heatsink on the nForce3 Ultra (with an overclocked FSB/HTT)? Also, do you think the Asus board will really be available in the U.S. before Xmas (I read that Asus swore their nForce4 boards will be out in the 2nd week of November, but they're not even listed on their website yet). Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.