Passed my motercycle course, now looking for a bike - but don't want to buy a POS - do they have these type inspection services?


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May 1, 2001
That was BRUTAL. For the better part of 2 whole days I had to sit out in the close to 100 degree Houston heat, no cloud cover, not rain, not shade, nothing. Fuck that sucked.

But I'm done. Time to get a motorcycle.

I'm still thinking about a million different ones to possibly get. But, one MAJOR question.

Do they make services that will charge you a little bit of money and do a mechanical inspection of the bike for you? Mobile preferred, so I could pay them to go right to the guy's house that is selling it and do an inspection if we agree to a price (assuming inspection comes back clean). If I have to ask the seller to drive it somewhere, I suppose that is OK too, if he really wants to make the sale he should have no problem given that I am paying for the inspection.