Parking Ticket Appeal (St. Louis)

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Oct 17, 2002
GF got a parking ticket. 'parking for more than 5 days'

Not only was the car moved multiple times in the 5 days prior, the car is licensed to the same address the car was parked at (in the street).

Her schedule is pretty hectic (new job), and the parking ticket office is 3 blocks from where I work. So we wrote up an appeal, and I took it down there. The lady I talked to read the appeal, and basically said that it was a mistake. But since the citation is geared towards enforcing abandoned vehicles, the vehicle owner needs to make a scheduled appeal.

So my gf called to schedule an appeal. The appeal date isn't for another month.

This morning she opened her mail, and she got a letter saying she has an unpaid parking ticket, the fine has doubled, and she has to pay it by a date 2 weeks before her appeal.

Ignore it until after the appeal? Mail the letter back saying an appeal is scheduled?
Not open for further replies.