Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ150 This battery cannot be used

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    Hi all, Hear is a good one for you. I just purchased an AC adapter +DC coupler for my FZ150 and it works just fine. When I connect instead of the AC adapter to the DC coupler a bigger external Panasonic CGR-53 7.2V 5300mAh battery that I use for my camcorder, I get a error message "This battery cannot be used' and the camera shuts down. This battery is the same voltage as the OEM DMW-BMB9PP 7.2V 895mAh. I know that the camera somehow recognizes the OEM batteries and it does not work with some aftermarket batteries at all or at least does not show the charge amount left on display, but I do not understand how can the camera recognize what is powering the DC coupler and what can I do to make this work. Please help if you know how!
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