Painting an Aluminum Case


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Apr 20, 2002
I initaly wanted to buy a antec SoHo server case and paint it, thus resembling a Alienware case but then I changed my mind when I decided it would be too boring and kept looking around for ideals. Then I went to VooDooPc's ( ) site and looked at their nice cases, I then decided to make their F550 Advanced Aluminum Chassis covered in a Lamborghini Bright Yellow.
Here is a picture of the case:

I've already read the previous post on painting aluminum cases but I need a bit more informationcan as to the best road to take, can anyone provide any advice before I go on this journey. I belive that the first step is to get the Cooler Master ATX-210, then replace the blue glass with clear. Then do paint research. Because I don't have all the money now I will do the paint research today. Can anyone here give me some advice about the paint? Thanks.


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Jan 24, 2000
follow this link
just add one more step--use a self etching primer for aluminium before doing all those steps--i got mine from local auto hardware stores.