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Question Packet Tracer QoS


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Feb 6, 2021
Hello, I sincerely apologize if I asked at the wrong place to post my questions. I am currently having difficulties with implementing QoS in packet tracer. We are tasked to implement Netflow for my routers and the direction I chose to use is from AR1 to AR2 ( According to my packet tracer file) to see the bandwidth consumption and have a capacity planning for my network diagram followed by implementing QoS. Our requirements for QoS are: "
1) Other traffic can be restricted to a maximum of 100kbps at all time
2) During congestion, minimum bandwidth can be guaranteed for the relevant applications
3) VoIP applied with QoS control policy delivered with minimum delay and improved jitter

Is it necessary to set a priority number for all of the requirements? Or is giving each class-map a certain amount of bandwidth enough? Do "Other traffic" refers to "UDP-OTHER" in ip cache flow? How do we know when to use cs3, cs2, af12, af 23 etc...? All I know is that a higher number will be dropped first ( eg; af23 will be dropped first compared to af22 and af 31 will be dropped first compared to af 22) I am really sorry but I am quite confused and I have no idea on how to start implementing QoS as this is my first time implementing it.. I hope that someone will be kind enough to at least give me a guideline


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