Pacific/Nevada Bell Wireless Cingular Home Rates?

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    Jan 2, 2001
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    Pacific/Nevada Bell (Cingular Wireless) has these Home rates available now, for those of you who still have the PersonalChoice Plans. They are no available on the website yet for some odd reason or another. Anyway I just switched my plan from Personal Choice 250 to the Home 300, which has 300 anytime minutes, I picked unlimited minutes nights and weekends as my option, free PCS e-mail, unlimited long distance and california and nevada roaming, for the same $39.99 price as the Personal Choice 250. Same price, better options. You can also pick unlimited mobile to mobile as your option, and something else, I forget, but I added M2M as an option for $10 more. If you ask me, it's a pretty good deal, an excellent deal for those of you who already have Pacific/Nevada Bell.

    For those of you who have Pacific or Nevada Bell, I suggest you call 611 on your phone and ask your representative about the home rates.

    No affiliation whatsoever - just a satisified customer.