P9X79 Pro fan speed control issue

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by bradcollins, Jan 7, 2012.

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    With my new P9X79 Pro motherboard I'm having a strange problem with fan speed. First of all, if I set the fans to quiet or anything in the bios they won't go below 60%, which is too loud.

    So in windows using AIsuite I've set the fans to lower speeds, the rear 92mm's on 45%, and the two 120mm's on my H100 to 41% and 42% - these are the fans that came with the H100 and to get them to run at the same rpm I have to have one of them 1% higher than the other.
    This works fine, keeps the 92mm's at 1000rpm and the 120mm's at 900rpm, and while the system probably isn't as quiet as some others on here, I'm happy with it.

    What is truely annoying is that it does not remember these settings after a reboot. I've attached a screen shot of what it looks like. Ignore the ramp in the background running from 60% up to 30C and then up to 100% at 75C, that is the quiet profile that I applied to get 'chassis fan 4' to jump up to 60%. On boot, the orange circle sits at 60% and completely ignores the user setting. I need to click on Apply on each fan header I want to change, then the fan speed drops. As you can well imagine, nearly 1600rpm on a 120mm fan is barely tolerable!

    I've searched around on here and on silentpcreview for Asus aisuite, with various 60%, user and silent tags as well and haven't found anyone having the same problem as me. I've found people that have been unable to go below 60% at all, but not exactly the same problem. I sadly don't have any 4 pin pwm fans at all to test with, otherwise I would try one of those to see if it fixes it.

    Could someone please try this for me and see if a 3 pin fan 'forgets' going below 60%, and then if a 4 pin pwm fan can remember going below 60%? Thanks in advance!
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    Not sure on your P9X79, but on my Z68 in bios you can set lower limits of CPU and chassis fans.
    Then set a fan profile.....silent ... turbo.... ect.