P5KC vs. P5K Deluxe?


Jun 4, 2007
I was looking today at the ASUS boards and I really don't need the WiFi - I'll never use it on my desktop rig. I did notice that the P5KC does support DDR3 in addition to DDR2, for the eventual day (maybe a year from now?) that it might be worth getting (not my primary reason for looking at it). It has 4 internal SATA ports, and 1 External. (It has some other internal, but I'm not sure what it's for - RAID?)

It also appears that none of the ports are blocked by larger cards.

It seems to have all the same overclocking options (Same BIOS it looks like). It has the same heatpipe design, it has the P35 chipset...

AND it's substantially less money.

What am I missing here? What doesn't it have that the P5K does that I might miss? (Others have suggested Gigabyte, but OK, I do like ASUS and probably will stay with them after thinking about it). I did d/l both manuals, and after reviewing them I really don't think there's much I'm missing out on, but I'd like some other eyes to evaluate as well.



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Feb 18, 2007
The P5KC uses the Intel ICH9 and a JMicron as the SATA controllers for 4 Internal SATA on the ICH9 and then 2 (1 Internal/1 External) on the JMicron.
The P5K Deluxe has 6 (4 internal and 2 external) on the Intel ICH9R controller. The Deluxe offers more RAID options (0/1/0+1/5) vs 0/1 (2 ports) on the P5KC.

The Deluxe has an extra PCIe 1x slot and uses ADI AD1988B Audio vs the P5KC Realtek ALC883 Audio.

The Deluxe also has 3 more USB headers (6 vs 3) for a total of 6 more ports supported.

Also, the Wi-Fi capabilities. That's about it. Also, the Deluxe supports Dual Gigabit LAN (vs Single on the P5KC) and it has a lot more substantial cooling for the SB/NB/Mosfets/VRM.