P4 533Mhz FSB & DDR 333Mhz, better bandwidth?


Oct 24, 2002
The only reason that I would buy a Pentium 4 system is to take advantage of its higher memory bandwidth. Isn't a P4 CPU with a 533 Mhz. FSB crippled when placed on a motherboard with DDR 333 Mhz. memory? I would think that a P4 CPU with a 533 Mhz. FSB could only achieve its intended bandwidth performance when coupled with PC1066 RDRAM (expensive).

A P4 533 Mhz. FSB & DDR 333 Mhz. combination could only be warranted by the lower price, but since the memory bandwidth advantage of the P4 is not as prevalent in this system, I would prefer opting with the cheaper AMD DDR 333 Mhz. system.

Any input on this matter would be much appreciated.

My proposed system:

AMD Athlon XP2200+ (maybe 2400+)
Gigabyte GA7VAX (VIA KT400 chipset, on-board LAN, audio)
256 MB PC333 DDR RAM

Approx. $331 US / $521 CAN.

Cant say it enough, wait till granite bay! From what they are saying you wont be sry u did.

for your motherboard that is, just research a highly ocable cpu for that mobo and your set.