P!! 333.....

Have a p!! 333. 66mhz bus.
Heard they OC well.
Need a BX board to work with.
What would be a good cheap solution?
Is there any board with 1Mhz increment changes for FSB?
Help a brotha put togeather a old box.


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Aug 15, 2000
With any sort of luck, you might be able to run it at 100FSB no prob. Of course the above solution works much better for the PII 300s.


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Nov 12, 1999
the best bang for your buck would be an Abit BF6 (under $100), it has the 1mhz increments, and is about as optimized and fast as a bx based board can be. it is, however, an Abit, and thus a roll of the dice. if you get a good one, and i did, they are fantastic boards, but many of the pros(eg. russ,johnny guru) around here don't even deal in them due to high RMA rates. otherwise, a SOYO 6BA+IV or MSI MS-6163Pro are also in the $90 range and are excellent BX boards. i helped a bud who had a noname P2 333/BX system, and wanted to upgrade. moved a 66/100 jumper, and it fired up at 500/2v with the weak retail intel cooling on it. been running there for 6 months now. i'm sure in a good board the chip has more to give. have fun.


Dec 2, 1999
There were 2 different PII 333's. The early ones were NOT LOCKED!, the later ones were. Put it on a good BX board of your choice (I like Asus P3B-F). If its the non locked one, you should be able to run 4 x 100 easily @ 2.0V. You may be able to squeak out 4.5 x 100 @ 2.1V or so if you are lucky. If not, 4 x 105 or so. You will have to play around with the settings. If its one of the locked ones, you are stuck at 5x multiplier. If so, I'd say 5 x 75 is a good bet. I dont like 83 bus speed. PCI bus is too far out of spec. 5 x 100 is a real stretch. Plester, damn you got a good one!

Cool, thanks for the input.
Now I gotta figure what I want to buy.
A used board that is known to work would probably be best.
Dont really want to spend too much money,
Just to toss togeather another number cruncher box, mabey a proxy.