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Question Overheating high-end router? Have a USB port on router? Try adding this Rosewill external USB 120mm fan.


Aug 25, 2001

This caught my eye. I've heard of people doing "fan mods" to their routers, that are under heavy load, to keep them cool. Usually, they drill hole in the casing, and patch a small 40mm fan into the router's +12V PSU lines.

But this could be way simpler, assuming that your router has some vent holes on top/bottom, AND is new enough to have a USB port (most med/high-end SOHO routers have one or two).

Edit: I had a little money in my Paypal, so I've ordered one, will let you all know how well it works. I think I'm actually going to set it on top of my Microtik 4-port 10G SFP+ switch, which runs so hot I can't hold my hand on it. (Passively-cooled, metal casing with vent holes, but still runs really hot, IMHO, especially with 4x SFP+ 10GBASE-T trancievers plugged in, driving 30ft Cat6A cables.)
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May 4, 2000
I bought both a 140mm and 120mm version of this a while back: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MWH4FL4

I use the 140mm on top of my receiver in the living room, and the 120mm for my router in my office. Both are much, much cooler, and the heat doesn't build up. I only run both on the "low" speed, and I can't hear them at all.
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