Overclocking with the Asus A7V266-E and Xp1900+


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Nov 13, 2001
ok, I just got this system (see "play" system in my signature).

I want to OC my processor to 2000+ or higher. I know this motherboard has dip switch or soft OCing in the bios. Also, I have been reading that the XP chip need to be "cracked" first.

Here are my questions:

Since I have this mobo with the OC options, do I still need to crack the processor first?
What frequency and multiplier settings do I need to adjust on my mobo to get the system to run at 2000+. I really didnt understand the manual, and havent OC a processor since my PII333 to a 433 (with a BX6 mobo of course!)

Also, If I do still need to crack the processor, what kit should I get? I see these OC'er stores selling these new kits everywhere. Which is the best place, and best kit to get?



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Dec 6, 2000
Welcome to the forums :)

Those are a lot of big questions. I never heard of closing the bridges being referred to as "cracking" .. I think it's more like a hack really :)
Go here and read the article.. It should help you a lot.
Otherwise, there is plenty of this kind of information on the web, it's always a good idea to look around before posting.. who know! You might even learn some stuff.