overclocking the visiontek gforce 4ti4200


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Jul 17, 2002
i purchased the visiontek gforce 4ti 4200 not knowing that they don't support overclocking. i have read reviews on different cards and it looked like they were succesful in overclocking the visiontek card. i purchased the 4200 because of the price and that the reviews were able to reach speeds of the ti4600. i have been unsuccessful in finding a way to do this to my card does anyone know how?:(


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May 31, 2002
Have you used RivaTuner? Or any other overclocking utility?

Assuming you have already used one of these utilities, and have slowly upped your memory and core clock and not been able to increase either without artifacts, I would say you got a bum card holmes. Memory core on the Visiontek should be able to get to at least 500. BTW I use the High Detail 3DMark2001 tests to check for artifacts. Those are usually pretty good at brutalizing your card to find errors.


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Oct 10, 1999
Yeah, try Rivatuner. That's what I use to overclock, and I got my Visiontek 4200 (128MB) up to 300/530 no problems. I get artifacts at anything higher though, and I have no idea how Anand got theirs up to 600 for the memory.

There is some overclocking potential with these cards, just use a 3rd party program. BTW, how much memory is on your card? With the 128MB, don't expect to overclock to 4600 speeds (I'm not even sure if the 64MB version can handle that). However, 4400 speeds is certainly possible.


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Apr 15, 2002
;) As cdub suggests, you need to use 3rd party sw to allow core & RAM clock mods and 3Dmark is great to verify your limits (but I'd suggest backing off a little more when you find it).

:D 4200-128MB are just as capable of hitting 320/620 as 4200-64MB. 4400=275/550 o/c=300/620, 4600=300/650 o/c=320/720. Doesn't anybody read the other threads? IT COMES DOWN TO THE TYPE OF RAM IMPLIMENTED!

Core on 4200 cards should o/c anywhere from 280 to 320.
4.0ns is standard for ALL 4200 cards and o/c to around 550.
3.6ns is more common on 4200-64 but is also readily found on 4200-128 and o/c to around 620.

;) You can read the ns rating of your RAM from the RAM chips, 2nd line down last 2 numbers. Fancy HSF designs do VERY little, RAM HS do nothing to enhance o/c. Manu is of little importance, the chipset dictates almost all perf, features and potential.

:D Any 4200 card is great value for money, even at defaults they beat the GF3TI500 and full ATI Radeon8500, however the 4200-128MB is definitely the better buy, esp long term (6 months+).