Overclocking RADEON LE... NEED ADVICE!!!


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Dec 29, 2001
Hey all, I got a real old Radeon LE, I bought it when it first came out and knew nothing about the card.. UNTIL RECENTLY!! (hehe) system specs are:

AsusTek P3C-L
P3 600EB
Radeon LE
185 Watt PS
Thermal Take Crystal orb

I found a Radeon Tweaker called "Power Strip"
I used it to ENABLE Hyper Z, and now I want to change the core frequency.
But I'm scared I might ruin the card, since it ONLY has a heatsink (NO FAN)
I want to put the Crystal Orb in it and let it loose, but the board has NO pins to secure the Crystal Orb, neither do I have any glue to stick it with. I also do not know HOW to remove the Original Heatsink so I can replace it. This is kind of tough for me, so please I need any advice, personal experiece, a website, anything. Can anyone tell me the steps I need to make to take out old heatsink...secure new one?? Thanks for your time


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Jan 23, 2002
I clocked my old le to 183, the same as the Radeon ddr, using the stock HS, with no problem.

If you want to BlOrb it, put the card in the freezer overnite, then twist off the HS smartly.

Clean up the gpu, lap it and the orb.

If you don't have AS epoxy, apply a very, very thin layer of AS to the gpu, except for the corners.

A drop of super glue on each corner and apply the orb.

A lot of work for not much gain. I went with the stock HS.



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Oct 11, 1999
I also left the heatsink alone and clocked it at 183. If you do not mind noise then I suggest you try adding a fan rather then replacing the heatsink. I do not think you will get much more of an o'erclock out of it anyway and that CPU would probably limit any possible performance increase. rage3d is the source for all things ATI. They have a HS replacement guide, a better tweaker called Rage 3D Tweak, and much much more.