Overclocking question - is my CPU the show stopper?


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Apr 6, 2000
Pentium 4 2.4c
Zalman 7000-Cu
Extremely cool case (temperature not a problem)
Anteic True480 Powersupply
IC7 Motherboard
HyperX 3500 Ram (2 x 512) set at 2-3-3-8 all GAT settings at Auto currently set a 2.7v in the BIOS.

5:4 memory ratio

At FSB of 255, I pass Memtest and Prime95 with flying colors.
At FSB of 260, I pass Memtest, but Prime95 will die usually after several hours.
At FSB of 267, I pass Memtest no problem but Prime 95 fails relatively fast.

I've tried raising the CPU voltage all the way up to 1.6v, but so far 255 FSB has been the tops I have been able to keep steady. While I'm happy at a little over 3ghz with my 2.4c, I was honestly expecting a little more given the components I have been using.

I'm not super experienced with overclocking, but would this appear to be a sign of my CPU as the limiting factor? Or is there something else I should try? Can anyone think of anything?

Really appreciate it..


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Dec 8, 2002
It seems that your CPU is stopping you from going farther. SInce you are passing memtest, but cant seem to past Prime95. What you could do, is knock your FSB down to say 200 and then try to get your CPU to higher than what you have. Therefore you can correctly identify which componet is "stopping" you.

- Justin
May 10, 2001
Try the O/C with auto setups first except AGP and PCI bus 66/33 for those and maybe some voltage increases thats the way I find the ceiling on my CPU, then once you know that you can try memory timings to figure out what is holding you back.