Overclocking phenom II 965 on 890gpa-ud3h


Mar 11, 2009
For whatever reasons, I'm having problems breaching 4ghz. Heck, I can't even seem to push into 3.9. Even at 1.5v, the system would boot just fine at both 3.9 and 4, but would bluescreen within seconds of running prime95.

I'm using a corsair h60 for cooling. CPU temps never go over 52c (or rather, it never had chance to go over that). I also have an ax750 psu.

One thing that I've heard is that enabling the igp reduces overclocking significantly. I'm currently using the igp to run the second monitor. Would disabling the igp help?


Senior member
Nov 27, 2010
I don't know about the IGP being the issue, but it could be that you just needed up with an overclocking dud.

Have you tried raising the CPU-NB voltage too? Even if you're just upping the multiplier and not messing with the IMC that can help with stability.