overclocking in XP with multiple users


May 1, 2002
I'm running an XP pro system for my games. I have an admin account that i rarely use except when i need to, and a power user account for everything else. My question is, how can i overclock my video card such that when i log into my power user account, i retain the overclocked settings? For instance, I can only access the advanced section of the display properties in Admin, so all O/C changes i make there are only applicable to admin account. how can i make it so that they apply to my power user account as well?
is there a way to allow the power user to access the advanced properties?

many thanx. I'm runnin on the detonator 40 drivers.
here's my rig: http://www.anandtech.com/mysystemrig.html?id=18085


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Jul 15, 2002
You could use ray adams bios editor. You can specify core and memory speeds and flash your bios with the overclocked settings. Kind of permanent unless you flash back to the default speeds.


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May 15, 2002
Have you benchmark a game like Quake III in both your user and admin accounts. I just did and got the exact same fps in both accounts. ( running XP Home ) I have my MSI geforce4 TI4400 overclock to 300\608. In the user account, going to the display setting, I don't see the two extra tabs for my video card, but it seem the settings from the admin account are in affect for the video card. You may want to check the setting of your refresh rate under the monitor tab. I find mine was set to 60 hz in the user account, instead of 85 hz with is the setting in my admin account. You may also want to check the other settings in the control panel and see if there to your liking!