Overclockaholics.com 3dMark 2001 Low Clock Overclocking Contest

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Jan 7, 2006
Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know there is a low clock contest going on right now

Kingpin has LN2 CPU and GPU Pots up for prizes!!!
CPU F1EE pots and GPU Tek-9 5.0 pots!!!

Here is the contest as quoted from www.overclockaholics.com

like to the official contest thread: www.overclockaholics.com

Overclockaholics.com 3dMark 2001 Low Clock Overclocking Contest
"Bringing Overclockers together one contest at a time.........."

Contest Begins/Ends:
This contest will begin starting on Friday, June 19, 2009
and run about a month ending on Sunday, July 12, 2009-ish.
(Rules/Conditions may be adjusted prior to begin date so double check)

*************** Please Read Carefully********************

CPU Clock Restriction[/COLOR]: 4200Mhz and not a single .0001Mhz over.
Benchmark Restrictions Single GPU Class: Nature test FPS cap = 1200fps
Benchmark Restrictions Multi GPU Class: Nature test FPS cap = 1400fps
Hardware Restrictions: Single sockets only. Hardware must be your personal hardware.
Forum Restrictions: 50 post minimum to play (no spamming, meaningful posts only!)
socializing to create posts is encouraged! ;)

Hardware Class Prizes:

Any CPU, Multi GPU: First Place gets Prize#1
Any CPU, Singe GPU: First Place gets Prize #2
(Single GPU means 1 gpu. Multi-GPU means more than 1 GPU. 9800gx2=Multi GPU)


Valid submissions rules:

A link to the futuremark ORB website with a comment referring to this event
Must use Retail BIOS (no hacked Motherboard BIOS)
A screen shot of the benchmark results that clearly displays your score ** no obscuring of pictures or overlapping important information on validation windows**
you must have an open text document with your name, the date and "Overclockaholics 3D Mark 2001 contest"
Only one prize per entrant. You may run multiple systems but will only be able to redeem one prize for top scores in that category.
the following validation tools must be visible in the screen shot

GPUZ Version 3.4
with GPU quantity drop down tab showing (that goes for single gpu runs too)
CPUZ Version 1.51
with memory tab and CPU tab showing
Official dissussion thread for this contest

Sample contest submission:
Score | Operating System
Intel Core 2 Quad Extreme QX6700 | EVGA X-58 FTW | PC3200 1200mhz 2x1gb | 7800 GS/Ice Cubes | hd2400/8 Stager Cascade
Sample Contest Submission Screen Shot

Sample Futuremark ORB score validation

No hacking, cheating, Photoshoping, score sharing or borrowing.


Prize # 1 :

Link to product page at Kingpincooling.com
Picture of Dragon F1 CPU Cooler
Picture of Tek-9 5.0 GPU cooler

Prize # 2:

Kingpin F1 EE CPU cooler product page
F1 EE CPU cooler picture

This is our first contest and our first opportunity to work out any bugs in the rules that could effect future competitions. It's our time to have some fun getting to know 3DMark2001 and have a shot at winning some cool prizes.

Many thanks goes out to Vince a.k.a. k|ngp|n
for the hardware
Visit www.KingpinCooling.comwww.KingpingCooling.com for product info.
Standings...................... In the following post (Updated at end of each day)
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