Outlook won't remove emails from outbox - Resending message


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Mar 16, 2000
I have a client, who is running Outlook. Whenever she tries to send large attachments in an email, Outlook will not remove them from the outbox. They are received by the recipients of the email, but Outlook won't remove them from the outbox, so each time Outlook does a send/receive cycle, it will resend that email again. Until she manually removes the email message, this continues to happen. Has anyone encountered this problem? Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Oct 18, 2003
I am actually having the same problem with my Outlook as well. Microsoft says you have to manually change the mtu on your router to get the messages through. I am going to try and zip em to try and get rid of them, not sure at this point if there is a cure with out a clean install.