Outlook 2016 and IMAP problems


Feb 27, 2003
I've recently switched from accessing a school mail server from pop3 to imap using the settings provided for me:

  • Server til indgående post: imap.skolekom.dk
  • Kryptering SSL
  • Port: 993
  • Server til udgående: smtp.skolekom.dk
  • Kryptering TLS/SSL
  • Port: 587
After switching from pop3 to imap, I now only have mails from the last two days and from 2016, even though there are lots of other mails, when I access the mail server through FirstClass.

When I try to sync in outlook it just says "syncing" and after a while it finishes without any errors, and no new mails in my inbox.

New mails are received without any problems.

How to get my other mails available in Outlook?


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Oct 17, 1999
POP works quite differently, the server stores the messages only until the client tells the server to remove them. Essentially what Outlook does is copy the messages to your computer and I believe by default if a message is older than 14 days, removed from the server. Its possible this was lowered to two days but the key concept is that POP does not sync anything while IMAP does. You should see a large PST file created from the usage of POP in a standard location. Back this file up somewhere then open it in Outlook and drag email over to the "active" account. It should then sync up to the server (excepting one of numerous Outlook errata occur).
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Sep 1, 2002
What you probably want to do is switch Outlook back to your original pop3 account temporarily (so that it will access the emails in your local computer) and copy all emails to a new folder in Outlook. Then switch back to your new imap account. After it has synced, you can copy the saved emails back to your inbox if you would like.