Outlook 2013 - Inconsistent handling of IMAP accounts...


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Jan 26, 2001
I'm 5 days into this problem, and no closer to resolution so I'm hoping someone here can help me:

I have a number of IMAP accounts set up in Outlook 2013. Most are gmail, and a few are hosted by hostgator for my own domains.

Sent emails in my hostgator accounts are not being preserved in the Sent items folder when sent via Outlook, although they are for the gmail accounts. All account settings are the same for both (other than mail server addresses), and they are all IMAP.

If I access the hostgator accounts by logging into the webmail interface, items sent via Outlook are not in the Sent folder. But if I send an item from that account using only the webmail interface (not Outlook), it will preserve it in the sent folder of the webmail, and it will also appear in Outlook's sent folder for the same account.

If I send a test message from Outlook, it will arrive in the inbox, but no record of it in the Sent folder.

Any thoughts on what might be happening here?


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Aug 26, 2000
It's a massive regression with IMAP, compared to 2010. Mainly, in that you can't set manually set which folder is for sent mail, like you used to be able to, as it's supposed to get it with XLIST. Sometimes, rooting it does the trick (manually set the root path, which is usually INBOX). Sometimes, it doesn't. The thing is, I've had setting root both work and not work with the same host.

I've also encountered a ton more never-syncing problems, and folders not updating properly, compared to 2007 and 2010, one users' PCs.

My solution was to just use the calendar in my phone, with no PC calendar, and move to Thunderbird as a mail client, as I encountered similar issues after getting a new PC at work.