Out of curiosity for Information Systems Grads...


Jun 11, 2004
If you weren't able to find something in the IT field, did you end up in a different entry-level business area? I graduated w/a bachelor's degree in MIS 6 months ago but haven't found anything in Massachusetts. I'm starting to believe that it's time to raise the white flag on the IT world and try and find a different business-related job.


Jan 28, 2000
Hate to say it, but most MIS degrees simply do not prepare someone for the "real IT world."

I have been fortunate enough to start at the bottom and work my way up, while recently going to school to get my MIS degree. I've got over 5 years experience in IT now, managing desktops, servers, networks, security, etc. and hope that when I finish my degree, my next step will be a six figure salary in a major metropolitan area.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is, prepare your resume in such a way as to have some cold, hard experience on it, whatever it is you may have. Your degree plays second fiddle in the IT market and will really only serve to weed out candidates with your same "real world" experience who DON'T have degrees.