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Orange box worked... and now it doesn't!


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Jul 7, 2006
In an exciting narrative format to make it less boring to read! (YAY!):

Since I like having a disk (faster than a download), I pre-ordered Orange Box from the Gamestop in the mall that I work, picked it up last night, and immediately went home, installed it without a hitch, and proceeded to play through a good bit of Portal, get some Engineering on in TF2 (where I discovered the game likes setting my microphone input to "wave" as the input source insta-magically every time I run the program, thus making TF2 the only voice over IP program I have that doesn't work right), and went on to play through and beat Episode 2 by the time the sun started coming up.
Fast forward through sleep and a crappy part time job.
Get home, first thing I do is hop into Steam to load up TF2. When I try to launch it, it auto-magically removes the link to TF2 and Portal. "Okay... this is odd", I thought. So, go to the steam directory and try run it from there. No luck. "Hrm." So, I go to steam and try to "Activate a product" and type in my handy dandy CD-key. "this key is invalid". "wtf ._o".
Checked it. checked it again... repeated about 6 times. "hurrrr. *drools on self in a stuper*" I try reinstalling from the DVD. "CD-key is invalid". "WTF ._o"
Soooo. Now, I have to go through the somewhat degrading scanning of my damn sales reciept, email, and wait. Typically, if I spend much more than $50 on something, I'd like there to be sexual favors attached, but this? This is just... very very not cool.
Anyone else run into this CD-key weirdness? (Or the TF2 odditty?)