Optys vs X2


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Jan 4, 2004
There should be no difference really, providing you are comparing them to the X2's that have 2x1 MB of L2 cache, the 4400+ & 4800+.

Honestly, i'm not sure why AMD is selling these better OCing s939 Opterons for less than the X2s, but it's our gain, so it doesn't really matter why :)
Mar 19, 2003
Now that they've dropped in price, I'd recommend the Opterons myself. The 165 is available for $300, which is less than you'll be able to find the X2 3800+ for, as far as I know. It's 200MHz slower (1.8GHz vs. 2GHz), but has twice the cache (1MB L2 per core). Overclocking abilities should be pretty similar, and performance per clock should at least in theory be a little bit better than the X2's (other than the 4400+ and 4800+) due to the higher amount of cache.

I'm personally going to buy a 165 almost certainly. :)