Optorite 12x dual layer DVD burner 71.99 free shipping


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Oct 27, 2002
The NEC doesn't come with any software, only one bezel and it is 8X. A matter of preference I guess, also My optorite supports hd burn and has never burned a bad disk yet!


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Dec 4, 2002
It never fails. I bought this Optorite drive when it first came out, paying $99.99 and now it's already down to $72. I was somewhat disappointed that the drive wasn't recognized by my old Nero 5.5. I didn't really want to have to use Nero 6 so I even tried several demo versions of other burning software and none of them recognized the drive. I had to use the Nero 6 that came with the drive and for some weird reason the burn button wasn't enabled when attempting to burn DVD video files. Got one of the first versions of Nero 6 and have had better luck although it doesn't load DVD files properly leaving off a Bup and Ifo file that keeps it from burning the discs properly. I was able to just load the VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS folders burning a data disc and Nero recognizes the DVD Video files and burns the disc properly. A little frustrating for a brand new drive. This was my second Optorite and have burned hundreds of discs with no problem. I like the HD-BURN feature but as cheap as DVD discs are now I probably wouldn't let that be a factor in deciding what to purchase. I think the best deal around now is the Pioneer DVR-108 16X with 4X dual which is currently $96 for beige and $98 for black at NewEgg.


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Mar 28, 2001
Conehead433, just FYI, Nero updates very frequently, and it's been my experience that when you get "the latest" or the "newest" drive, the current version of Nero won't do it, but they come out with a new one soon that fixes everything. You can't really blame the DVD mfr for that problem, though.