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    I'm in med school and need a notebook for streaming video lectures and lots of web browsing (question banks online) and reading ebooks. Occassionally play some games if I get bored (LoL, dota 2), and I wanted it to be small, thin, light, quiet, and not too hot.

    So far I have only found the Vaio SA to fit. Vaio Z is way too expensive, and things like MBP 15" are too big/heavy, while the MBA doesn't seem powerful enough.

    So are there any alternatives before I pull the trigger on the SA? I can wait until November, but obviously the sooner the better, so unless if there's some new release soon, I'm not going to be able to wait for it.
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    asus u30sd it's out! woooo core i5 13.3" 1366x768 nvidia 520m ~9hr battery life
    the only problem might be the screen res, but it's expensive to get portable notebooks w/ high res screens

    LoL and Dota 2 aren't super awesome roxxor Crysis level games
    Dota 2 is likely to use source engine, so i'd expect it to be similar to Alien Swarm/ L4D2 requirements
    the intel HD 3000 should be able to run those games on low settings

    you could try the alienware m14x if you want a gaming notebook
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