Opinions on motherboard for PIII 800 EB


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Dec 24, 2000
I'm replacing an old Pentium 200 with a new tower case with 300W power supply and additional fan. I have a Maxtor 30g 7200 rpm 100ATA hard drive and an old 1.3 gig Maxtor. Other than that it has an Acer 36x cd, an STB Lightspeed 128 vid card and an old Yamaha Wavetable sound card. I need the board to run PC133 memory and, hopefully, support the 100mb transfer speed on the hard drive, though I can live with it if it will just run at the 66. I had an Abit VL6 Mobo in there but had nothing but trouble. I want something that will work, is reliable, and is fairly easy to set up. {yeah, I know, and if wishes were horses... :)} Basically, I need suggestions.

Thanks in advance,


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Nov 19, 1999
The ultimate in stability is Intel's D815EEAL board. You can't overclock with it, but it is a very nice board. I am running one and am very pleased.