Question Opinion on DDR5 memory speed?


Junior Member
Apr 21, 2023
Hey guys, first post here…. I got a good deal on a Lenovo Legion gaming desktop. It has an i7 12700, 32gb DDR5 4400mhz (CAS 36), RTX 3060 (12gb version), 1tb Samsung 980 pro oem as well as a 1tb hdd and a 500w power supply. I got it for $1160 CAD taxes in. I plan to use for some gaming a bit of creation work and general office tasks. My question is does the 4400mhz make much of a difference vs faster DDR5 memory kits than run closer to 5600mhz, etc I’m contemplating returning it for this reason. I’ve done a bunch of googling and etc but can’t find any definitive answers on this? Thx in advance!