Open box warranties?


Jan 14, 2007
I was thinking of buying one of the open box items on newegg, but I was wondering if it meant that there would be no warranty on the manufacturer's part? I forget how warranties on parts work, like did you need the serial from the box, etc, since it's been so long since I've needed to use one. Don't you need the original box to send it in to the manufacturer a lot of times?



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Jun 11, 2007
Open box is generally a return that still works. It could even be the item they used to take the pictures used to show the item. There may be parts missing. Like if its a motherboard the SATA cables and back plate may be missing.


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Nov 5, 1999
no you dont need the box, opened box means just that 'opened box', may or may not include all the misc peices as orig sold with, still carries the manu warr, instead of newegg 30 day return policy open box items carry a 15 day return policy, the serial # will be on the item itself.


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Dec 24, 2005
Newegg Open Box items don't always work. I was sent a totally DEAD Seasonic power supply by Newegg as an Open Box purchase once. This was a few years ago.

I returned it, then tried buying ANOTHER identical power supply. Newegg sent me the SAME EXACT unit a second time. It was still dead.

An Open Box Antec power supply wouldn't start up its fan. If you spun the fan manually, it'd keep going, but on reboot, the fan wouldn't start. I ended up wiring the fan directly to the 12V bus so it'd run at a constant speed and that worked.

Dont' get me wrong. USUALLY Newegg Open Box items are usable. I used Open Box motherboards for years, usually without issues. But one had a voltage issue that interfered with the onboard sound chip. The board seemed reliable otherwise, but I ended up putting it back in the box and setting it on the shelf rather than waste more time diagnosing the problem. Another Open Box motherboard had a misbehaving video slot and I sent it back.