oops! 2nd post for power supply and video card upgrade...


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Jun 22, 2001
Well, that's what happens if you press the return button after typing in the message title. I foolishly posted a blank message. I'll try again.

I have a Dell Dimension 8100 series P4 system that has run flawlessly for a year and a bit. I wish to upgrade my Geforce 2 gts with a Geforce 4400 or 4600. I noticed on the Visiontek web site that they recommend a minimum 250 watt power supply. That's what my Dell has. I know the P4 is a power hog, so I wonder if the Geforce 4 might be too much for what is currently a finely tuned machine. I am also under the impression that the Dell power supply is quite proprietary and not easily upgraded. I also understand that it is a pretty darn fine power supply. So I'm just wondering if it has enough to run the upgrade?

Anyone have any stong opinions on whether can or cannot go for my intended upgrade?