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Online Discount Broker Suggestions


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Jun 1, 2000
I think this has been posted before but search turns up nothing I find useful.

I have an E-trade IRA account and an E-trade regular stock account ($400 from Microcenter thing). But stock trading with them is $19 for NASDAQ, which isn't horrible compared to traditional brokerages but isn't the best. Also, some of their services are very slow.

So, I am now looking for a new discount broker. I am leaning towards Datek ($9.99 trades, 60 second trade or the trade is free). I have heard many good things about them, but wanted to make sure by checking with you guys.

I do not trade heavily. Looking for long term growth. Investing less than $25,000.

So my questions:

Have you had any major problems with Datek from your dealings with them?

Any warnings about hidden costs, poor trade confirmations, etc.?

Could you suggest another broker that you feel is better? (I would rather stick with discount brokers because I like to do a lot of the research for my investments myself. But if you feel a more traditional broker would be leaps and bounds better than a discount broker, I am willing to listen.)

I have looked into Ameritrade ($8 trades) but have read some horrible reviews about misconnections and bad customer service. But, again, I am open to any opinions and suggestions.

Thanks for all the help! :D