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On-board Sound with higher impedance headphones


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Feb 26, 2006
I'm sure this has been asked and answered numerous times, but since ASRock is apparently having issues. (can't seem to connect to their site) let me ask here.

I was using an Audio-Technica ATH-G1 gaming headset (45 ohms) (without the mic connected) for gaming and watching misc. videos, (Prime, etc.) but the in-line volume control got glitchy and cleaning it with Deoxit Fader or CorrosionX didn't help it, so Amazon agreed to take them back. (warehouse sale, A-T wouldn't honor the warranty since they were "used.")
Now, I'm in need of a decent set of headphones or even a good gaming headset, but have to stay around $100 or less. I DO NOT have the extra funds for a DAC/amp. I never game on-line, so the microphone part of the gaming headset is just a waste for me, but I just don't plug it in.

I like Beyerdynamic cans...they USUALLY sound great to my ears, but I'm afraid my on-board sound (Realtek ALC892 ) just won't push 250 ohms well...and from everything I read, the 32 ohm versions just don't sound good. Newegg has the DT770 Pro in both 80 ohm and 250 for around $150, and the 32 ohm set for $110.
Opinions? Recommendations?
Again, I don't have and won't be buying a headphone amp/DAC, or even dedicated sound card...I'm stuck with the on-board sound.