OMG, SOCCER MOMS ARE STUPID. Funniest (and saddest) 911 call of all time

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Apr 15, 2003
Originally posted by: Citrix
WTF!!! she should have been arrested for even thinking of dialing 911 for that.

anybody got that other clip where a guy calls 911 highly pissed because there was a police heilocopter flying over his house with the search light on looking for somebody who ran from the cops? he was pissed because he was a vietnam vet and the sound of the heilo and the search light was giving him flashbacks and was demanding they make the police heilo go away.

This is why this thread is necessary.

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Dec 8, 2003
She needs to be dismembered and burnt alive. The police have much better things to do than come there and make the Burger King lady make your hamburger the way you want it.
It would almost be nice if that lady found out that while the officer was enforcing hamburger preparation code, he was forced to miss an actual relevant call, then she realized how incredibly stupid she is.
Dang. Words cannot express.