OMFG! I would die to have this car!!!!!!!!!!!

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May 8, 2000
Originally posted by: BatmanNate
The instrument panel is very Nightrideresque.
That's exactly what I was just going to say about the gauge with the red line over it!


Apr 19, 2001
Blech. A friend had a 300ZX Turbo (not the special edition) for a short period of time and the car was trash. Each generation of Z got bigger and heavier than the one before it as the car moved from sports car for real drivers to status symbol for people who don't know how to drive. The ride stunk, the handling stunk, the turbo lag gave you time to read War and Peace before any real power spooled up, mechanically it was unreliable and in acceleration it would get spanked by by every Mustang and Camaro of the time. As for digital dashes, they're like digital watches. They look cool the first time you see them, then you realize that they're far inferior to good old fashioned analog instruments. As AmusedOne mentioned, a digital dash was not unique, EVERY manufacturer tried them and they all abandoned them because they stunk. Hell, my parents had a digital dash on a 5th Avenue. The light sensor went and the thing became unreadable during daylight. As for the car being a collectors item, that too is a fallacy. Okay, it's 20 years old and is now selling for around what it cost new. That's great for a car as most depreciate badly, but as an investment is SUCKS!! After 20 years even a passbook account would nearly double the money. Never invest in anything that rusts. For every story of somebody selling a mint condition Shelby Cobra for $500,000 there are a million old rusted out hulks sitting on cinderblocks in somebody's back yard.